optical bonded lcd panel Clear Bond Technology
Clearbond offers state-of-the-art Optical Bonding and Panel Enhancement services.
At Clearbond, Inc., the experience working with luminary optical solution materials and application techniques combined with the knowledge of a wide array of substrates and LCD panels, sets us apart in the industry.

An "On Time, every time" performance on a high quality product provides you the results that your product requires. Our 54 point QC route assures error free handling and a flawless optical bonded assembly.

ClearbondŽ Optical Bonding enhancement technologies include everything from the LED backlight systems, light guides, films, tft's, high temperature tft's, polarizers, optical solution injection using factors .005 to .011 in order to meet all specifications including military specifications. Specialized glass, glass assemblies manufactured via "paddle bond" process... life time warranty against delamination, discoloration, & air bubbles.

This is a proprietary manufacturing process & ingredient developed by Clearbond, not a franchised or licensed use of knowledge like most others.

We can provide a sample and complete your prototype, inquire within.

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100% AMERICAN MADE - No Out-Sourcing
Right here in Georgia! No short cuts, no compromise, only the best thru a 54 point QC route. Every panel is certified with documentation.

Clearbond is a specialist company performing luminary optics to LCD Displays of various sizes. Luminary Optics Enhancement includes optical bonding, polarizers, specialized glass laminations and more.

For your Luminary Optics Solution contact Clearbond. We provide the high quality at affordable prices.
No Job is Too Large or Too Small
On Time, Every Time
Panel Size: ANY
Substate Type: ANY
Type of Application Bonding: Any
Enhancements: Backlight, DBef/Bef Film, Glass Lamination, Glass Coating, IR/AG/AR/OP

All bonding materials carries a "Life-Time" Warranty against delaminating and/or dis-coloration.

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